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We use nature as our guide to create meaningful and memorable educational experiences ranging from single sessions to large projects involving hundreds of children. Suitable for all ages. 


Sliabh Beagh - CANN Network Programme

We engaged nine primary schools in Co Monaghan on a project focused on Sliabh Beagh,   a Natura 2000 peatland site of significant importance. We delivered two 2hr long class sessions culminating in a trip up the mountain to each school!

Small girl tree plant.PNG

Tullymeadows Community Garden

An ongoing, project in Augher, Co. Tyrone... so far we have created an orchard with a mix of heritage Irish apples and modern varieties; started a potato growing experiment; planted a tree each while learning about their magic powers; and put in a hawthorn hedge complete with and fruit bushes for the edges and even a fairy door!

Cuilcagh tribe.PNG

Cuilcagh CANN Project

We had the great pleasure of working with an inspiring group from two primary schools on the other side of the border, bringing together the strands of environmental restoration, art, culture, history, landscape and botany!

We told stories by the fire of Finn Mac Cumhail, foraged for hazel nuts and learnt the magic of the Hazel tree, made several pieces of beautiful art and learnt about the important ecological work that goes into protecting one of our most important natural habitats.

Magherafelt Biodiversity Porject.PNG

Good Relations Biodiversity Project - Magherafelt

We are halfway through a really exciting project, combining peace and nature by brining two schools together, one Catholic and one Protestant, for a series of biodiversity enhancement sessions in thier local area.

The idea is for the children to work together, to learn about the natural world, and to design a wildlife area for each of the two schools... stay tuned as we start to take what we have learned and bring a bit of wildness back to school (in a good way!)


Crom Castle 

We ran a week of nature craft activities and games for a group of nursery children aged 3-4 at the beautiful Caste Crom estate... maybe you can find the fairies we left behind! 

Knockmany Forest School

At our base at Knockmany Forest in Co Tyrone, we are building up a regular forest school, in partnership with the local council and community... this special site is home to Red Squirrels, Salmon and all manner of wildlife. 


Sunday Forest Stories

We led a range of forest explorations for families over the past few years, searching out stories and adventures in beauty spots around Tyrone. These walks were by donation to ensure everyone could take part. 

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